We are a group from an area called Bluewater Country with members from both sides of the St Clair river – in Sarnia, Ontario and in Port Huron, Michigan.

If you accept the natural over the supernatural, reality over mythology, and evidence over faith, then you’re in the right place. Our vision is of a society where reason and evidence guide individual and civic principles, and where none suffer prejudice for a commitment to rationality & truth.

Our mission is to nurture a community in the Sarnia-Port Huron area that values secular humanism, promotes and preserves freethought in the public square, provides supportive fellowship, and engages in humanitarian good works.

Our group holds a Skeptics Breakfast once a month, an annual Summer Barbeque and Winter Solstice Dinner, Wine with Ted Talks at Alton Wines, Skeptics at the Pub at Black Gold Brewery and Refined Fool, Skeptics under the Bluewater Bridge in Point Edward and other social events. New members are always welcome to join us at all of these gatherings by simply contacting us.

We are also very proud to present our newest and biggest event ever! – and it is just around the corner, Aug 26 – 28 at the Sunbridge Hotel & Convention Centre. BAHACON 2022! – featuring an all-star list of speakers that will knock your socks off!

All Profits from BAHACON are to be Donated to Local Charities

Alzheimers Society & St Joseph Hospice

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