Dave Warnock

Former conservative Evangelical pastor

Dave Warnock is a former conservative Evangelical pastor and church leader for almost 40 years. About ten years ago, he began a process of examining and investigating the faith claims of Evangelical Christianity for the first time in his life and came to the conclusion that the faith he had given his life to was something he could no longer embrace. At first calling himself an agnostic, in the last few years he has purposefully begun to embrace the word ‘Atheist’. In so doing, he’s doing what he can to de-stigmatize this word (which simply means “non-theist”) and seeking to show that atheists can be good people, exhibiting the same morals and values as people of faith. 

His exit from Christianity was basically due to the tenants of his life-long faith no longer aligning with his core beliefs of toleration and acceptance of all people, and his belief that life is to be lived for the moments that are contained within this one life we know we have; rather than viewing this life as a “temporary” life until we enter eternity. Turning his back on this faith came at huge personal cost with the loss of almost his entire community of friends, the end of his 37 year marriage, and the loss of relationship with two of his three children, which has also deprived him of being a part of his six grandchildren’s lives to this day. As we know, life is random, chaotic, and unpredictable; and it’s no different for him. On February 26, 2019, he received the devastating diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). A series of doctor visits, a blood test, MRI, more doctor visits, and finally an EMG at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country was followed by the cold and clinically fatal diagnosis along with instructions to put his clothes back on and where to find the elevator outside the exit from the neurologist’s office. No follow-up plan… no counselor referral… just to go home and die in 3-5 years. Suddenly for him this precious and brief life became infinitely more precious and incredibly brief. Instead of succumbing to the depression, anger, and hopelessness this debilitating fatal diagnosis often brings, he immediately decided to begin “Dying Out Loud,” – living life to the fullest and making plans to travel as much of the world as his body would allow. He wanted to see places to which he’d never been and spend time with people he knew and loved, while also experiencing the joy of meeting new people and cherishing the beautiful “moments” life offers all of us. This life change soon morphed into what is now known as the Dying Out Loud tour; wherein he travels to speak at venues all over the country (actually, the world), doing interviews on podcasts and YouTube shows, and basically spreading his message anywhere

Dave recently released his memoir “Childish Things“.

It will be available at the conference, or it’s now available at Amazon.“


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