Gretta Vosper

Serving West Hill United Church as an Atheist

Gretta Vosper is passionate about the work of capturing the “off-label benefits” of religion, most particularly the improved subjective wellbeing experienced by many of its adherents, for individuals and communities for which religious belief or practice is no longer meaningful. She has served West Hill United Church for over two decades, supporting its transition to becoming a theologically non- exclusive community, the first of its kind within traditional Christianity. After describing herself as an atheist for the purpose of being in solidarity with Bangladeshi secular bloggers, her denomination launched a heresy trial against her. After three and a half years, the matter was settled and Gretta continues in ministry at West Hill with no restrictions.

A best-selling author, Gretta has written three books:

Gretta serves on the Board of The Oasis Network, an organization supporting the creation of meaning-making community beyond religious belief. She founded the now-retired Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity, has served as a Director of The Clergy Project an organization providing support to clergy who no longer believe, as a Governor for Centennial College and on the Board of the Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua.

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